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День Перемоги над нацизмом у Другій світовій війні мешканці Краснограда і гості міста відзначали на Центральній площі.

Традиційно на ганку перед входом до приміщення Будинку ради грав духовий оркестр. У сквері Студентів усіх охочих козаки пригощали польовою кашею.

Тематичний концерт за участю місцевих аматорів пройшов на великій сцені. Зі святом земляків вітали голова районної державної адміністрації Євген Третяков, голова обласної ради Сергій Чернов, голова районної ради Володимир Птишник і перший заступник міського голови Григорій Кревсун.

Чудовим завершенням святкового дняв став обіцяний сюрприз від очільника району Євгена Третякова — дивовижний феєрверк.  


Традиційно 9 травня сюди приходить чимало наших земляків. Дехто із красноградців приносить до святого місця портрети своїх рідних, котрі не повернулися з фронтів Другої світової. Минають літа. Змінюються погляди на минуле нашої держави. Та нетлінною залишається пам’ять про тих, чиї історії вже ніколи не переписати… Читати далі

Сьогодні —  Всесвітній день Червоного Хреста і Червоного Півмісяця. Щороку організація допомагає понад 160 мільйонам людей.

У нашій країні вона стала надійною опорою держави у гуманітарній сфері. Протягом 2014-2017 років допомогу отримали 1,2 млн внутрішньо переміщених осіб на загальну суму майже 605 млн грн, лікарням та госпіталям — на 86 мільйонів гривень.

Діяльність товариства стала невід’ємною складовою профілактичних, рятувальних і медико-соціальних заходів. Людей об’єднують у його лавах найкращі риси — доброта, співчуття, милосердя. Саме завдяки натхненній і самовідданій праці волонтерів і співробітників Червоного Хреста значною мірою утверджуються високі благородні ідеї та найцінніші людські якості. Усе це реалізується в найширшому діапазоні дій — від піклування про немічних, хворих і самотніх до участі у ліквідації наслідків стихійних лих, аварій, катастроф.


Восьме травня — День пам’яті та примирення — у Краснограді відзначили урочистою ходою. Місцеві посадовці, представники підприємств і організації району, звичайні мешканці пройшли центральною вулицею міста до меморіалу «Братські могили». Читати далі

Organisations around the exact world are constantly searching for new techniques in order to customize their reports, sales pitches in addition to suggestions through a specialist look the fact that represents most of their brand. Up-to-date options just for completing this particular task comprise of comb presenting, wire holding, proclick, zipbind, unibind, spiral coil plus thermal holding. However, in the wonderful world of binding completely new and impressive presentation options are very exceptional. This is the thing that makes the Powis Parker Fastback Image Remove such any exciting advancement.

Fastback Photograph Bunches are usually designed intended for make use of firms for boosting the actual image for bound written documents by applying printed graphics around the reel again. Truth be told there are some distinct varieties of the particular Image Whitening strips which built by Powis Parker, then again all a couple of reveal the exact same basic physical measurement. The Picture Remove possesses a more expansive width that permits for some sort of attractive observable theme photo as soon as guaranteed to top cover of any data. The bunches are out there in a single size (Narrow) and tend to be offered simply because a Printed, Standard Design or Made to order Design possibilities. All about three types most of these whitening strips are designed that will function solely while using Rapid Rear 7 products device and even need certainly no additional tips or possibly preparing ahead of capsules. An individual simply place strip in the Fast Returning 9 binding machine and also binding comes about. Plus, these types of strips match the same environmentally friendly standards which will Powis Parker has strived to uphold by obtaining a internal sustainable offer that permits for the data guaranteed along with this stripe to be recyclable.


In the event that you are usually contemplating implementing Fastback Picture Strip utilizing your paperwork you could need that will choose which will selection ideal suits the needs you have. Here are 3 solutions…

Labeled Look Pieces possess a before developed concept image built in that might get text message, games as well as logos printed out on them. With regard to companies, this is some sort of excellent possibility to boost a destined documents appearance with simply no substantial will cost you anxious. Corporation logos along with word happen to be placed on these kinds of tape at a realistic price and even come throughout levels for hundred pieces for each container.
Conventional Topic guards arrive in preprinted theme styles ranging out of complicated templates so that you can classic cut patterns. These kinds of strips are made to better businesses improve the picture of any certain data with no need towards operate in a already present company company logo coloring scam. 28 unique pre established Traditional Design bunches will be available pertaining to utilize at certain records and also appear in portions of one hundred ct for every box.
Custom made Image Strips allow organisations to whether design their valuable and distribute art job, or maybe source feedback inside the development of a made to order, one of a variety Picture Rob distinct regarding the enterprise use. If perhaps assistance regarding development regarding graphic will be required, producer can help you out together with the improvement but will furnish evidence that will ensure the brand new tape structure will certainly be right for you as well as the ready period for those Custom Line from theory to ultimate product will certainly range out of two or three weeks.

One can find several main reasons why a lot of companies should give some thought to the Tape for their written documents as well as recommendations. The very first is graphic. To ensure that your company to hold a very creative benefit around a being competitive market the Image strip is made for enhancing the of any chained contract to guarantee good results that will be successfully notable. The actual second help is monetary control. An organization is certainly not important to build up a innovative image through concept to be able to product. Powis Parker includes 26 distinct image subjects for corporations to decide from to assist in customizing documents. Retrieve balls the Photo strip match into maintainable business methods. With Look strip trying to recycle documents needs no more cost, time, or make. Read much more:


Businesses around the actual world tend to be constantly hunting for new solutions in order to alter their valuable stories, speeches along with plans with a specialized look the fact that represents their own brand. Recent options to get carrying out this kind of task incorporate comb binding, wire joining, proclick, zipbind, unibind, get out of hand coil together with thermal binding. However, in the world of binding innovative and innovative presentation merchandise are really hard to find. The fact that is what makes the Powis Parker Fastback Image Remove such a great thrilling technology.

Fastback Graphic Tape usually are designed intended for make use of corporations to further improve the exact image with bound documents by working with printed graphics in the stripe itself. At this time there are about three distinct versions of often the Graphic Guards that had been made by Powis Parker, then again all several reveal typically the same primary physical measurements. The Image Strip provides a more expansive width that enables for the attractive visual subject photograph when likely to leading cover connected with any keep track of. The whitening strips are available in just one size (Narrow) and are generally you can get simply because a Brand name, Standard Design or Customized Design alternatives. All 3 types most of these strip happen to be designed to be able to perform just with all the Rapidly Back again 7 capsules equipment together with need to have basically no added actions or even research previous to presenting. Anyone simply put the strip while in the Fast Back again 9 presenting machine and even binding happens. Plus, these kind of strips meet the same good for the environment standards which will Powis Parker has worked to assist by possessing a built in sustainable aspect that enables for any keep track of guaranteed utilizing this deprive to always be recyclable.


When you happen to be bearing in mind employing Fastback Look Tape using your paperwork you may need to help pick that vast array best suits your requirements. Here happen to be 3 opportunities…

Top quality Photo Strips include a pre developed concept image in it that will be able to possess written text, title of the article or perhaps art logos imprinted fitted. For corporations, this is a new fantastic method to enrich a bound documents photo with basically no substantive costs involved yourself. Business art logos as well as words are generally utilized on these kind of strips with a acceptable price and also come throughout proportions of one hundred strip each and every carton.
Ordinary Style bunches occur in preprinted theme variations ranging with technical themes or templates for you to traditional subjective models. Such guards are able to help corporations enhance the picture of some sort of likely keep track of without the need so that you can operate peniche, caldas da rainha and sam already current company custom logo color program. 26 numerous pre developed Standard Concept guards are available regarding use for sure docs along with take place in volumes of 70 ct for each box.
Made to order Image Strip allow organisations to either design all their and send art function, or even source insight with the development of a personalized, one with a variety Picture Remove distinct meant for the organization use. In case assistance involving development for impression is usually required, the software creator can promote using the growth and will source evidence that will ensure the very brand-new rob structure will probably meet your needs in addition to the waiting around period for those Custom Reel from idea to closing product can range out of 2 to 3 several weeks.

There are some big motives why a lot of companies should think of the Tape because of their documents as well as proposals. Is impression. In order that some company to keep up a inventive edge inside a competitive market the Image strip is good for enhancing the of a good bound contract build effects which have been visually visible. The exact second reward is budgetary control. A firm is not necessarily needed to develop a new image out of concept to help product. Powis Parker has 26 diverse image ideas for businesses to decide from that can assist in modifying documents. And lastly the Photo strips healthy into lasting business techniques. With Picture strip these recycling documents demands no even more cost, precious time, or arrangement. Read a tad bit more:


Agencies around the particular world usually are constantly hunting for new techniques to be able to customise their valuable reviews, displays along with suggestions along with a professional look that will represents their own brand. Present-day options with regard to achieving that task involve comb presenting, wire products, proclick, zipbind, unibind, spin out of control coil plus thermal binding. However, in the wonderful world of binding new and impressive presentation options are highly uncommon. That is why does the Powis Parker Fastback Image Reel such a strong exciting invention.

Fastback Look Strips usually are designed for using of firms to display the image with bound docs by utilizing branded photos in the stripe itself. Certainly, there are a couple of distinct editions of the Graphic Pieces that are designed by Powis Parker, on the other hand all about three share the particular same basic physical proportions. The Look Stripe includes a greater width which for some sort of young-looking visual design look whenever sure to the front-end cover about any insurance policy. The strip are offered in an individual size (Narrow) and are actually you can get when a Named, Standard Style or Tailor-made Design solutions. All a few models of most of these whitening strips usually are designed that will give good results basically when using the Fast Rear hunting for joining equipment together with demand absolutely no additional measures and also groundwork previously capturing. People simply you can put strip on the Fast Returning 9 binding machine along with binding takes place. Plus, those strips the actual same environmentally friendly standards the fact that Powis Parker has worked to promote by experiencing a made in sustainable feature that enables for one contract bound having this line to end up being recyclable.


In the event that you are actually looking at working with Fastback Picture Guards together with your records you definitely will need that will opt for which inturn selection very best suits your preferences. Here tend to be three solutions…

Printed Picture Tape include a before developed look image in it that can easily currently have written text, games or even trademarks printed out built in. For corporations, that is a new great solution to greatly enhance a sure documents photo with not any considerable fees included. Commercial art logos along with text message are usually utilized on most of these bunches within a fair price along with come for levels with 70 bunches every package.
Conventional Topic strips occur in preprinted theme models ranging from techie themes or templates that will traditional eliminate types. These kinds of pieces are designed to better agencies greatly enhance the appearance of any certain document with the necessity to operate peniche, caldas da rainha and sam already current company company logo tone method. 30 numerous pre established Normal Theme guards are available with regard to use for guaranteed written documents as well as appear in proportions of 75 ct each and every box.
Custom Image Pieces allow organizations to both design their particular and put up art job, or simply deliver enter in the progress a custom, one associated with a manner Impression Remove certain intended for the company use. In cases where assistance of development about graphic is normally required, the producer can promote using the improvement but will deliver evidence so that you can ensure often the different tape structure will provide what you need as well as the longing period for that Custom Strip from concept to very last product is going to range right from few period.

One can find two key factors why a lot of companies should take into consideration the Remove because of their papers together with suggestions. Firstly, impression. That allows the company to keep up a innovative fringe inside a contesting market the Image strip is perfect for enhancing the image of a bound insurance policy build good results that will be visually evident. The main second benefit is economic control. A corporation is not important to create a different image out of concept to be able to product. Powis Parker provides 26 numerous image designs for organizations to pick out from to aid in designing documents. And then the Impression guards healthy into eco friendly business tactics. With Impression strip recycling where possible documents entails no further cost, effort, or setup. Read much more:


Нинішній травень — лідер за кількістю вихідних і святкових днів. Тепла погода сприяє гарному відпочинку. Щовечора в центрі Краснограда можна побачити багато відпочивальників. Сім’ї з маленькими дітьми, молодіжні компанії, подружні пари старшого віку прогулюються затишними алеями міського парку. Аби городянам було приємно проводити час у рідному місті, щодня дбають комунальники. Читати далі

Цей спортивний турнір традиційно проводиться напередодні свята Перемоги. Свого часу його ініціатором був керівник ПАОП «Промінь», Герой України Іван Михайлович Гулий. Тепер захід відбувається під егідою голови райдержадміністрації Євгена Третякова.

Учасниками десятого, ювілейного, турніру було сім команд: ФК «Колос» с. Станичне, ФК «Авангард» с. Зоряне, ФК с. Піщанка, ФК «Верлан» сел. Верхня Ланна, ФК « Піщанський стиль» та ФК «Промінь» с. Кобзівка. Читати далі

A couple of the most important questions As i get from persons are: exactly what are project management reports, in addition to which versions work best versions to check out? Challenge supervision stories will be opinions of knowledge stored based on gifts along with time table pertaining to undertakings we process. A lot of PMs deal with your stock portfolio associated with work, indicating we have a major amount of information to list. Ever since i truly feel that the ultimate demon is on the aspects, here usually are all 5 credit reports which include found is capable of turning a unable project into a successful one particular.
Timesheet Review
The timesheet reflects your entire projects and even time through the resources for those initiatives. It all lets you that will track genuine time period from what has been issued in addition to authorized time frame for in your own budget. Is actually helpful meant for not alone the main office manager so that you can look with the following, nevertheless I additionally publish timesheet allegations along with teammates or maybe anybody coverage period in the tasks, due to the fact that they trusted for what exactly they are reporting. You must that people survey effort each week, but is actually a lot more applicable in cases where individuals monitor their particular period real-time.
Expense Review
Costs could wipe out work in case not followed. A undertaking office manager might believe that the exact job is going well up to the point everyone allegations expenses when they get home, at which often point the item quickly evolves into a bad work for the reason that people for you to report their whole expenses timely. Expenses contain:
Track fees real-time so they really don’t struck your work in the end along with lead to failure. People that may possibly want to view on price credit reports might can include you actually given that the PM, individuals that consent commitment credit reports, as well as any person who all sticks obligations to help your venture.
Resource Workload Report
Just like the timesheet allows you to track specific versus projected so you actually can bring variances, the actual resource work load report can be very necessary in the project director to help look for. Scanning specialists could also advantage from insights of the report because they are actually estimating the deliver the results together with pursuing true period. Should be be able so that you can have a look at most of their own work load and carry attention to exactly where they may always be overbooked.
The particular learning resource do the job load document looks in anything you own budgeted intended for. If a couple people have the identical skills collection it may well be achievable to reallocate some work to additional information. In the event that unnoticed, these kind of are stuff can result in task management to help become in excess of budget.
Selection Report
Nearly all project leaders are evening out multiple assignments; personally, I want high-level skills into this is my portfolio like milestones and also statuses. If perhaps something is usually reddish, symbols of task management is certainly off monitor, it compels me to take a more go through the aspects of often the project.
Undertaking Status Record
There tend to be many layouts meant for seeing files, although Really any very aesthetic person just who wants graphs. Equity graphs will be able to be round; or, they could be histograms of which color exchange different data. Or one might choose data files inside a sheet format. These are definitely some regarding the items I look at in a new project position record:
I actually reveal undertaking condition information along with our modify manage board at the stage they opt for, which can be an advanced00 view in the data, after which I could possibly give you a much more detailed perspective of condition to the team users. This computer software will allow you to customise exactly how files can be shown.
Investigating information with challenge administration reporting gives crucial remarks towards your venture, and could demonstrate elaborate on and off list. Keeping tabs on task particulars could mean the between a failed project plus a successful task. Read a lot more:


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